• Watch Brand Story - JUVET

    Watch Brand Story - JUVET
    JUVET is a 175-year-old Switzerland watch brand founded by Mr Edouard Juvet in 1842, was one of the four major Swiss watchmaking families during the 19th century. Famous JUVET series ‘Big Eight Pieces’ and ‘mirror’ pocket watches have been regarded as the “ultimate collection” in the watch industry. Today’s JUVET was the composition of the world's latest watchmaking techniques and innovative design ideas. JUVET...
  • Watch Brand Story - SKMEI

    Watch Brand Story - SKMEI
    SKMEI is fashion sports watch brand specialized in various types of multifunctional digital watches. The company's boss, Mr. Huang, entered the watch industry in 2005 and has more than ten years of watchmaking experience so far.  In 2009, he founded the SKMEI brand, which has been widely loved by young people. So far, the SKMEI brand has spread to more than 160 countries around the...
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