About US


Founded in 2016, FantaStreet is one of the fastest-growing online style watches retailers that provide the best affordable watch brands. We distribute a wide range of fashion watches and other fashion accessories internationally. Our unique and extensive collection of cool watches is attracting more and more active loyal customers.
We are just a group of young people dedicated to selling online. Whether you are a consumer looking to find the latest watches for personal or you are a retailer looking for the best quality wathes or fashion accessories, feel free to contact us.

Founder’s Words

I have traveled to many countries and often hear a lot of disputes about products made in China. Some people think that Chinese products are all poor quality, while others think that Chinese products are good and cheap.
Personally, I think that neither of these two opinions is entirely correct. In fact, there are a large number of factories in China, and these factories make a lot of quality products, but there are also some factories that make poor products.
This is mainly because China is a big manufacturing country, but not a big country of brands, some factories still lack brand thinking, if customers want overly cheap products, they will not refuse but produce cheap products of poor quality, in order to guarantee a certain profit. These poor quality products are mixed with good products, but Non-professional users cannot tell them apart. So, this is why people have very different views on Chinese products.
I created Fantastreet.com and I think its value lies in helping people pick these good products out. Therefore, we have always only cooperated with brand manufacturers, Some of these brands are already well-known, while others may not be known to many people, but they all have good quality and reasonable prices.
At present, Fantastreet has developed watches, fashion accessories, and socks, etc, and will expand to underwear, beauty, fashion electronics, and other categories in the future. Hope to provide you with better products and services.

FantaStreet Milestone

- Feb 10, 2022- Fantastreet.com obtained the sales authorization of century-old Swiss watch brand JUVET.

- Dec 17, 2020 - Fantastreet.com obtained the sales authorization of the joint brand of SNOOPY, PEANUTS, and SKMEI.

- May 18, 2020- Obtained the authorization of Brand SKMEI、LIEBIG、BOZLUN.

- May 17, 2020 - Fantastreet.com rebuild.

- January 25, 2016 - Company establishment.