SKMEI 0814 Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 0814 Watch Instruction

 SKMEI 0814 Watch Dial Plate Diagram

(SKMEI 0814 Watch Dial Plate Diagram)


  • In normal display mode shows: week- hour -minute - second
  • Date mode: press S1 to shows month and date
  • Alarm mode: press S4 to shows alarm hour and minute
  • Analog set: hold S3 to adjust the analog quartz
  • Back-light: press S1
  • 12/24-hour format
  • Modes change: tap S2

2)Set time & Date

  • In normal display Mode, pressS2 three times enter into setting mode and " second" flashing.
  • Minutes: Tap S4 and the minutes will flashing. Tap S1 to adjust minute
  • Hours: Tap S4 and hour flashing. Tap S1 to adjust hour. (Pay attention to AM/PM, “P” is 12 hour format)
  • Date: Tap S4 and the date will flashing. Tap S1 to adjust date
  • Months: Tap S4 and the month flashing.
  • Tap S1 to adjust month (1=January, 2=February ...)
  • Week : Tap S4 and the week will flashing.
  • Tap S1 to adjust the week (MO=Monday, U=Tuesday ...)
  • Tap S2 to exit.

3)Alarm ON/OFF

In normal display Mode, hold S4 then tap S1 display “alarm symbol” will turn on the alarm. The same action, the “alarm symbol” disappear means turn off the alarm. 

4)Set alarm

  • Hours: In normal display Mode, tap S2 twice and "the hours" flashing
  • Tap S1 to adjust hour of the alarm. Pay attention to AM/PM
  • Minutes: Tap S4 and the minutes flashing. Tap S1 to adjust minutes.

5)Chime of every hour ON/OFF

In normal display Mode hold S4 then tap S2 ,if show all icon of week means Chime ON, the same action, the week’s icon disappears, means OFF of chime.

6)Chronograph function

In normal display mode: tap S2 once , enter chronograph mode , tap S1 to start, tap S1 to suspend, press S1 to continue ,press S1 to stop, press S4 to return to chronograph mode(0:00 00)Section, press S1 to start, press S4 to read the first paragraph record . Press S4 again to read second record.


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