SKMEI 1107 Watch Manual

SKMEI 1107 Watch Instruction

SKMEI 1107 Pedometer Watch Dial

(SKMEI 1107 Pedometer Watch Dial)

1. Features

  • Display: Hour, Minute, Second , Month, Date, year, Day of week
  • 12/24H format convert
  • Daily Alarm (without snooze function)
  • Stop watch function from 00’00”00~99’59”59
  • Pedometer function,intelligent detection your steps for 7s after your start the pedometer function. Each day record range : 0 ~ 99999 steps. Total Maximum record steps range : 999999 steps.
  • Press LIGHT key once for EL back lights ON 5s.(Hold LIGHT key will let pedometer records to zero)
  • 50M Water Resistant, could be worn while swimming, bathing etc., but forbid to operate any buttons in the water)
  • Low-voltage prompt: When battery voltage lower than 2.8V, will display the icon of “Battery Icon“ in any mode, to remind you the battery Low-voltage.

* Notes: When the battery been set into the watch, default to start Pedometer function. Pls stop this function to save power if you no need use it.

2. Time setting

Normal display mode display intraday steps/ exercise time / normal time, as below:

Normal mode display of SKMEI 1107

In normal display mode, press MODE to convert mode as following:

How to change mode of SKMEI 1107 pedometer watch

In normal display mode, press ST/STP convert to Date Mode and display day, year, month and date. If no operation within 5s back to normal display mode. Or press MODE or ST/STP key return to normal display mode as below:

Date Mode of Pedometer Watch SKMEI 1107

3. Time & Date setting

in normal display mode or date mode hold RESET key 2s enter into the time setting mode, and the 12/24H digits is flashing press ST/STP to convert 12H /24H format. (In 12H format, AM means morning means afternoon.)

  • Press MODE key and the Hour is flashing, press ST/STP to set the Hour;
  • Press MODE key and the Minute is flashing, press ST/STP to set the Minute;
  • Press MODE key and the Year is flashing, press ST/STP to set the Year;
  • Press MODE key and the Month is flashing, press ST/STP to set the Month;
  • Press MODE key and the date is flashing, press ST/STP to set the date.

The day of week will update automatically according to the exact date which you set. (MO means Monday, TU means Tuesday, WE mean Wednesday, TH means Thursday, FR means Friday, SA means Saturday, SU means Sunday)


  1. Press ST/SP once by once to add the data by each time, Hold ST/SP to add rapidly.
  2. when setting the Minute, the second will back to zero automatically. Within 60s without any operation, the data which you set will be confirmed automatically and back to the normal display mode.

4. Alarm mode

In normal display mode press MODE once enter into Alarm mode. Press ST/STP to ON/OFF the alarm as below: 

How to set alarm of SKMEI 1107 pedometer watch

Alarm Time Setting:In alarm mode,hold RESET for 2s, the Hour is flashing, press ST/STP to set the Alarm Hour.
Press MODE, the Minute is flashing, press ST/STP to set the Alarm Minute. Then press RESET to confirm. When the alarm function is ON, the ALM icon will be appear in all modes.
In Alarm mode, press ST/SP to ON/OFF alarm function, If ALM icon appear means ON, otherwise means OFF.

5. Stopwatch Mode

 In normal display mode, press MODE twice enter into the Stopwatch Mode (STW), press ST/STP to start, Press ST/SP again to suspend, press ST/SP to continue, press ST/SP to suspend again, when suspend, press RESET to Zero.
In STW mode, Press ST/SP to start the STW function, press RESET key to Split time function, and symbol “SPL” appear, and you can read the first group record, but the second record is still running in background. press RESET again to continue the second group record; press RESET again to read the second group record. When the final group finished press ST/STP to stop the SPL function, press RESET to read the sum (final group) record, press RESET again to clear the record to zero.

How to set stopwatch of SKMEI 1107 pedometer watch

6. Pedometer Mode

Pedometer ON/OFF: In normal display mode, hold ST/STP, the icon “runing icon“ will appear / disappear. When the icon appears, the pedometer function is ON; when it disappears, the pedometer function is OFF. As below:

How to set pedometer of SKMEI 1107

7. Clear the records of steps

The intraday steps record will be clear to zero automatically when the day ends, but the total steps record will not be clear to zero.
In normal display mode, hold LIGHT key 2 seconds to clear the steps record and exercise time record to zero.
In SUM Steps Mode, hold LIGHT key 2 seconds to clear the total steps record to 

8. 7s Intelligent detection your steps

in normal display mode, turn on the pedometer function, continuous action 7 seconds then the record appears.
If haven’t keep the action for 7 seconds, the steps will not be recorded.
If Exercise times less than 1 minute, exercise time will not be recorded.
Next time exercise time will be accumulation in this time exercise 

9. When you start the Pedometer function

  1. In the beginning 7 seconds keep action, will have 5~10 steps deviation is allowed.
  2. While the user stops running/walking but the hands still moving, which also will be record into the pedometer.
  3. Each minutes running/walking 80~130 steps could be record, if exceed this value, the accuracy shall be in doubt.
  4. When you are walking /running, the hands should swing in the same frequency as the feet, otherwise the accuracy of the steps recorded will not be correct.
  5. As each person has different action when running/walking, then the margin of error will different.


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mac dimayuga

I just bought Skmei model 1107 pedometer watch. I followed the instruction to activate the pedometer function but still not working. Any help?

September 28, 2023 at 19:45pm

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