SKMEI 1138 Watch Manual

SKMEI 1138 Watch Instruction

SKMEI 1138 LED Watch Dial

(SKMEI 1138 Dual Movements Watch Dial)

1. Features

In Standby Mode, watch in blank screen for save battery consume.
Press S1 to show the time, within 3s no operation the watch will back to Standby mode.

  • Mode Convert:

How to change mode of SKMEI 1138

  • Time & Date Setting
  • In Time Mode, press S2 enter into Time setting mode and Hour flashing, Press S1 to adjust Hour.
  • Press S2 again, Minute flashing, press S1 to adjust Minute.
  • Press S2 again, Month flashing, press S1 to adjust Month.
  • Press S2 again, Date flashing, press S1 to adjust Date.
  • Press S2 again, Year flashing, press S1 to adjust Year.
  • Press S2 key again, then press S1 key to convert 12/24H format
  • (In 12H format, if a symbol “,” appear in the corner of Hour means in PM).

(Ps: S1 for touch the screen, S2 on the back of case, use some toothpick and other similar material to adjust it)


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