SKMEI 1170 Watch Manual

SKMEI 1170 Watch Instruction

SKMEI 1170 Triple Movements Watch Dial

(SKMEI 1170 Triple Movements Watch Dial)

1. Features

  • Time View: hour, minutes, press D to see month, day and seconds
  • Light emitting with 3 seconds

2. EL light

In any mode, press S light emitting with 3 seconds

3. The date and hour query mode

Date & Hour of SKMEI 1170 Triple Movements Watch

  • In normal time display: press D to view date display, query the date. press D again enter the second display, query the second. press D back to normal time display interface.
  • In the second indication, seconds display zero after pressing S key.

4. Time and date setting mode

  • In time indication, set up by pressing S in the following order.

How to set time & date of SKMEI 1170 triple watch

  • Press D to adjust, hold down D for quick adjustment
  • After setting, press S to return to time indication
  • Press D and confirm, recovering Normal working time

5. Attention

After setting hour, appears “A” on behalf of the morning, appears “P” on behalf of the afternoon, appears ”H” on behalf of 24 hours system.


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