SKMEI 1274 Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 1274 Watch Instruction

 SKMEI 1274 dual movements watch dial

(SKMEI 1274 dual movements watch dial)

A. Features

  • 17 Digits LCD Display,Display Hour ,Minute ,Second , Year(2000~2049)、Day , Month and Week.
  • 5 Groups Daily Alarm and Chime hourly
  • Countdown function
  • Snooze function
  • 12 / 24H format,Auto Calendar
  • 1/100 second Chronograph
  • Dual time function
  • EL Backlight

          B. Operational Manual

          How to change mode of SKMEI 1274 dual movements watch

          1.At normal time mode,press B key to select the other function display mode, at any state ,press A key EL backlight for 3s.

          2.Time setting

          • In normal time mode,Press and hold C key for 2s to time setting and "Second" flashing,press A key “Second “to zero;;press B key to select item as following sequence :
            Minute → Hour Day Month Year
            Press A key to adjust the flashing item,press C to the normal time mode.
          • Setting “second”,if the “second “is range from 30~59.after turn to 00 ,the “minute” needs“+1”if the second value is range from 00~29”,the “Minute “needn’t change .
          • Adjusting the 12/24H format
            At normal model,press D key to change the 12H format and 24H format by order.

          3.Daily Alarm

          • Watch includes 5 groups of daily alarm separately ,”Hour “and “Minute” can be adjusted,When time reach the setting time,it will sound 10s ;”Chime hourly turn on. It will sound “Di Di” each hour.
          • Each group alarm display separately as(AL1、AL2、AL3、AL4、AL5),At each group,press D key turn on/off the alarm and the alarm symbol appear/disappear.
          • Only AL1 has the snooze function within 5 group alarm ,At AL1 alarm model,press D key turn on/off the snooze function and AL1 alarm symbol;when the snooze function turn on, After AL1 sound stop,it will automatic sound 10s every 5 minute,press C key to turn off the snooze function.
          • Alarm time setting:
            • a).At Alarm display mode, press A key to selecting and setting AL1 to AL5 .
            • b).Choose the Alarm you want,then hold and press C key 2 second :hour” flashing。
            • c). Press B key to choice “hour “.”Minute”by order
            • d).press A increase the value,press and hold A key can increase the value quickly , press C key exit the Alarm Setting mode and back to Alarm display mode.
          • The setting of Five groups alarm clock is the same.
          • Stop the alarm clock
            When the alarm sounds, press any keys to stop the alarm
          • The switch of snooze function and Hourly chime function
            Display screen In alarm mode 1, press D key to set the selected snooze function on and off.
            In the "AL: 00" screen, press the D key to turn on or off the hourly chime.
            :Indicates that snooze function is on (ON)
            :Indicates that hourly chime is on (ON)
            c).If the alarm function is on, the alarm opening symbol will still appear in other display mode.

          4.Chronograph Function

          • The measure range of chronograph is (0~23”59”59”59)
          • If don’t stop Chronograph ,it will be measured continuously,and after reaching the max value ,the chronograph will return back to 0 ,then measure again,
          • If exit chronograph model during intermediate time ,the chronograph measure will be back to passing time
          • using chronograph measurement:
            Passing time :

          How  to set chronograph of SKMEI 1274

          Intermediate time:

          How to set intermediate time of SKMEI 1274

          the measure the using time for two players:

          How to measure using time for two players

          Press C key will show all the time of chronograph measure ,and press C key again chronograph will return to zero

          5.Countdown Function

          • Countdown can be set in 1 minute and 24 hours, when the countdown to zero, the alarm will sound 10 seconds, then press any key to stop the alarm.
          • countdown setting:
            a)In the countdown mode, press and hold C key for 2 seconds, enter the countdown setting mode, the flashing.
            b). Press B to select the following items:
            How to set countdown of SKMEI 1274
            c).Press A to increase the value, and while press and hold A key can increase the value quickly.
            d).After the countdown setting, press C to exit the setting mode and return to the countdown display mode.
            e).If want to set the countdown value to 24 hours, Just set it to 0:00.
          • countdown operation:
            Press D to start or pause the countdown, and when the countdown is paused, press C to return to the set starting time.

          6.Dual Time

          In dual time model.Press and hold C key 2s,the “Hour “will be flashing ,Press B key to select " “Hour”Minute " setting,press A  key to adjust the flashing item.what’s more,press and hold A key can increase the value quickly.,then Press C key return to dual time mode.


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