SKMEI 1543 LED Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 1543 Watch Instruction

 SKMEI 1543 LED watch button

(SKMEI 1543 LED watch button)


  • Function: Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minutes, Seconds
  • In Normal Mode will be in stand by mode, and the watch will display nothing to save power.

Mode convert

  • In normal mode,press S1 to convert the mode as following:
  • Normal mode → Date display mode → Seconds display mode → Normal mode


  • In normal mode,hold S2 for 2s to enter time and date mode,and “Hour “flashing, press S1 to adjust Hour.
  • press S2 again,then “Minutes “flashing,press S1 to adjust Minutes.
  • Press S2 again,then “Year “flashing,press S1 to adjust Year.
    Remark : Set the year from 2000-2099 ,Display :Y 00 means 2000 year. (Digits display: 00~99)
  • press S2 again,then “Month “flashing,press S1 to adjust Month.
  • press S2 again,then “Date “flashing,press S1 to adjust Date.
After set all the data, press S2 to exit. Or no any operation for 5s will back to stand by mode.


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