SKMEI 1623 Digital Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 1623 Watch Instruction


SKMEI 1623 digital watch button

(SKMEI 1623 digital watch button)

A. Features

  • 10 Digits LCD Display, Display Hour, Minute, Second, Month, Day and Week
  • Daily Alarm and Chime hourly
  • 12/24H format select-able
  • Stopwatch timing function
  • LED backlight

B. Operational Manual

How to to switch mode of SKMEI 1623 digital watch

Press B key to switch to different mode.
Press A key the LED backlight will last for 2 seconds.

1.Real Time

  • In Real Time Mode , press D key to switch to 12H or 24H display format.

2.Daily Alarm

  • Alarm setting: under Alarm Mode, Press C key for alarm setting, the "Hour " is flashing , press D key to adjust the hour ; Press C key, the "Minute "i s flashing, press D key to adjust the minute. Press C key to confirm, Press B key to switch to Real Time mode.
  • Under Alarm Mode, Press D Key to turn on/off Alarm (“alarm icon”) or Chime (“
    chime icon”)
  • When Daily Alarm is on, the alarm sound will last 20 seconds at the setting time then stop.
  • When Chime Hourly is on, it will sounds one time at Hourly Time.


  • The display range of the Chronograph is 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59.99 seconds;
  • Press D key to Start/Stop running ; When stop, press C key to reset the date to zero.
  • When running ,press C key to split count,. Then press D key to exit split count and stop counting ; press C key to display all counts, press C key again to reset the count to zero ;
  • When the count is running, press B key to back to Real Time Mode, the count is still running.

4.Time Setting

  • Under Time setting mode, the “second” is flashing, press D key to reset the “second” to zero, Press C key to select item as following sequence:
    Hour------Minute ------Second------Month------Day------Week
  • Press D key to adjust the flashing item.
  • Press D key while the seconds are in the range of 00 to 59, the minute will remain unchanged while the second returns to 00.


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