SKMEI 1672 Temperature Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 1672 Watch Instruction

SKMEI 1672 Temperature watch button

(SKMEI 1672 Temperature watch button)


  • 24H time display (LED display)
  • body temperature measurement (LED display)

How to measure temperature with SKMEI 1672 temperature watch

1、Time display

  • press S key to display the time, it automatically turns off to save electricity when there is no operation.

2、Time setting

  • Under the mode of time display , keep pressing S key for 5 seconds to enter the setting of “Hour” then press S key again to modify the number of “hour”. Press S key and hold it for 5 seconds again to enter the setting of “ minute” then press S key to modify the number of “minute”.

3、Test the temperature

  • Under the mode of time display, press S key to measure the temperature and the symbol ℃ flashes , symbol ℃ stop flashing after test finished.
  • Attention: There are 2 abnormal results of measurements when the temperature is out of the range of 32℃~42.5℃: ①LO or HI means it too low temperature or too high temperature to be out of range of measurement.② Red light will flash when temperature exceeds 37.5℃。Within range of measurement.
  • Measuring range is 34℃~42℃. Results of measurements will be affected individual difference, environment , clothing ,strenuous exercise and other factors . The result are for reference only and cannot be used as a basis for diagnosis .

Remarks: Wear your watch for ten minutes before detecting your body temperature;


  • Take off wrist band and connect it with USB charging cable
  • Led screen display :
    On charging : The left symbol flash
    Full charge : The left symbol stop flashing.


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