SKMEI Solar Watch Instruction

◆SKMEI Solar Watch Manual

SKMEI Solar Watch Dial Plate General

(SKMEI Solar Watch Dial Plate General)

A. Features

  • 6 Digits LCD Display,Display Hour ,Minute ,Second ,Day,Month,Week
  • Chime hourly and Alarm
  • Snooze function
  • 12 / 24H format selectable,Auto Calendar
  • 1/100 second Chronograph with split function
  • EL backlight
  • In the sun or light source,the solar panel can accept solar/light power,and supply it to the watch for work,no need battery power.

B. Operational Manual

How to change mode of SKMEI solar watch

In the non-setting mode, press B key to select the operating mode.
At any mode, press A key then EL backlight will last for 3s.

1) Timing Mode:

  • In Timing mode,press C key to display the alarm,press D key to display the date.
  • In timing mode,turn on/ off the alarm and hourly chime:
  1. press C+D Key to ON/OFF alarm. indicator“”displaying for on.
  2. press C+B key to ON/OFF hourly chime. If all the week icons (MO/TU/WE/TH/FR/SA/SU) appear, the Chime is on; if all the week icons disappear, the Chime is off.

2) Stopwatch Mode:

  • The display range of the stopwatch is 23 hours 59 minutes 59.99 seconds.
  • Stopwatch starts in 0.01 second,after 30 minutes, count in seconds.
  • In stopwatch mode,press D key once to start running seconds,press D key again to stop seconds,When stop seconds,press C key to reset the stopwatch.
  • In stopwatch mode,press D key to start timing,press C key to enter the segment timing state,press D key again to exit the split timing,enter the stopwatch stop state;When exiting the split timing,press C key to display all stopwatch time,Press C key again to run seconds to 0;Stopwatch runtime,Press B key to return to time display mode, stopwatch running in the background.

3) Alarm Mode

  • “Hour”flashing once entering Daily Alarm
  • Press C key to select “Hour” or “ Minute”setting
  • Press D key to adjust the flashing item
  • At alarm sounding state, press C key to stop sounding ,press D key to turn ON/OFF the snooze function,When snooze function be ON, it will sound five minutes later ,and auto stop after sounding for a minute .

4)Time setting Mode

  • “Second” flashing once entering time setting mode
  • press D key to zero,Press C key to select item as following sequence :Minute-----Hour-----Day-----Month -----Week
  • When setting “Hour”,“A” or “P”displaying for 12H format. A means AM .P means PM. “H”displaying for 24H format
  • Press D key while the “Second”are in the range of 00 to 59 .reset them to 00 and the minutes are unchanged

Note: (When the solar voltage is higher than the battery voltage, the movement uses solar power) 


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