SKMEI 1141 Watch Manual

SKMEI 1141 Watch Instruction

SKMEI 1141 pedometer watch dial

(SKMEI 1141 Pedometer Watch Dial)

External circular 05-60 said minutes parameters; Semi-atuo 1-12 says hours parameters; Among the four pane ranks 1-4 minutes, said the following two squares left for the date icon, right for the afternoon icon
Functional description:

  • Normal display mode: display hours and minutes.
  • press "S2" a display time, press two to display the date.
  • "S1" for setting key.

Time Settings: 
In standby mode under the S1 / S2 display the time, then press "S1" into the time setting mode and hours of Numbers will be flashing,

  • press "S2" change hours;
  • press "S1" minutes flashing, press "S2" change minutes.
  • press "S1", month flashing ,press "S2" change month.
  • press "S1" date flashing, press "S2" change the date.

In any display modes such as five seconds without buttons operation will return to standby mode.


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