SKMEI 1298 Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 1298 Watch Instruction

 SKMEI 1298 pedometer watch dial

(SKMEI 1298 pedometer watch dial)

A. Features

  • Calendar ( Yr 2000-2099)
  • 12/24 hr format
  • Week: English language, automatically displayed.
  • Pedometer funtcion
  • Historical data function
  • Dailly alarm& chimehourly
  • 1/100 Second Chronograph ranging form 0 to99:59:99
  • Countdown function
  • Dual timefunction
  • Interface lock function: To lock the steps, time, dual time interface.
  • EL backlight

          B. Funciton Mode

          How to change mode of SKMEI 1298 pedometer watch

          1. In any mode,Press A key ,the EL light keep light for 4 seconds.
          2. Time/date setting

          • In normal time mode,Press B for 2 seconds to enter time setting mode ,then “12H” flashing.Press C , “year” flashing,then press C to change the setting items as below:
            How to set date of pedometer watch SKMEI 1298
          • Press D to adjust the selected items.
          • Press B to confirm and return to the Normal Time Mode.

          3. Dual Time Setting Function

          • In Dual Time Mode,press B for 2 seconds ,then“Hour” flashing,then press C to change the setting items as below:
            How to set dual time mode of pedometer watch SKMEI 1298
          • Press D to adjust the selected items.
          • Press B to confirm and return to the Dual Time Mode.

          4. Pedometer Function

          • In Nomal time mode ,press B to convert to Pedometer mode ,and Press C to convert modes in circle .
            How to use pedometer of SKMEI 1298
          • In Pedometer Mode,press C for 2 seconds to on/off pedometer function.In any model,the pedometer will count steps when the pedometer function is on.Press D for 2 seconds to lock/unlock pedometer interface.
            Hot to switch pedometer of watch SKMEI 1298
          • In Pedometer mode ,press A for 3 seconds ,the value will be automatically cleared.
          • Everyday 0:00(AM 12:00),sport recording will be cleared to zero automatically .
          • In any Pedometer Mode ,press B for 2 seconds to enter the user’s information setting mode.
            how to change Metric System of SKMEI 1298
          • In user’s information setting mode ,press C to convert settings in circle ,
          • Metric System/Imperial System→weight →step distance →sports target.Settings will flash every second .When in midway press B to exit and save the settings.
          • Metric System/Imperial System: The default to metric,press D key convert Metric System/Imperial system.Adjust the setting of Metric System/Imperial system,weight and step distance will be returned to default value automatically .
          • Setting weight :The default value is 60kg(132 Lb),adjustable range:30-200kg/66-440Lb.
          • Setting step distance :Default step distance is 70cm (28in),adjustable range :30-150cm/12-59in
          • Setting target steps :default steps is 100000,adjustable range :100-990000.
          • Press D to increase the settings item value ,press D for 2 seconds to increase fast. The metric /imperial system haven’t fast increase function.
          • In user’s information setting mode,no button operation for 30 seconds(except 【EL】 key ),automatically exit the setting mode.

          5. Historical Data Function

          • In the pedometer mode,press B to switch to the historical data mode,auto display:00.
          • Every day at 0:00, the recording of the day is automatically deposited in MEM.
          • When changing the date and the metric system, the data and units of the date and sports mileage in the historical data will also change.
          • Press D key to view the historical movement record.
          • Press D key to switch the date, press C key to view the record of steps → calories → mileage :
            How to check historical data of SKMEI 1298
          • Historical data cannot be cleared.
          • if you do not perform any button within 30 seconds (except 【EL】), it will automatically exit from steps recording mode, and then return to normal time mode.

          6. Alarm Function

          • Alarm and chime hourly on/off:
            How to switch alarm of SKMEI 1298
          • Alarm settting:In Alarm Mode, hold B for 2 seconds ,the alarm “Hours” flashing,press C to switch the setting items as following:
            How to set alarm of watch SKMEI 1298
          • Press D to adjust the selected items.
          • Press B to confirm and then return to the alarm mode.If alarm is on,when alarm time is reached, the alarm tone will sound for 60 seconds,then press any button to stop the alarm.

          7. Stopwatch and SPL Function

          • Max value of stopwatch mode: 99′59″99.
          • When start the SPL function :In stopwatch mode,press D to start/ stop stopwatch, press A to zero when stop the time.
            how to set stopwatch of watch SKMEI 1298
          • When the stopwatch is running,press B to switch to other display modes, and the stopwatch runs in the background.

          8. Countdown Function:

          • Countdown can be set from 1 minute to 24 hours, when the countdown reaches zero, the alarm sounds, then press any key to stop the alarm.
          • Press D to start/stop counting;When stop, press A ,it will automatically return to the initial setting time.
          • When countdown reach to 00:00.00,the alarm will sound for 30 seconds,press any key to stop the alarm.When alarm stops,the countdown will return to the initial setting time.
          • Countdown setting:In the countdown mode,press B for 2 seconds,the “hour” flashing,then press C to choose the following items:
            How to set countdown of watch SKMEI 1298
          • Press D to adjust the flashing item.
          • Press B to confirm and then return to the alarm mode.


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