SKMEI 1322 Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 1322 Watch Instruction

 SKMEI 1322 pedometer watch dial

(SKMEI 1322 pedometer watch dial)

A. Features

  • Function mode: Time, Pedometer Function,Stopwatch Mode, Alarm Mode, Data storage, Personal Parameter Setting Mode.
  • 12/24 Hr format
  • If alarm is on, the alarm tone will “BIBI”sound for 20 seconds when alarm time is reached, frequency 4KHz
  • Firstly contact the power, if select pedometer functions, test the pedometer IC whether it is connected correctly; if wrong, will enter into pedometer mode; supposing that turn into time mode correctly , it will ring “Beep” sound(62.5ms/4KHz/50%): chronograph ranging on 1st January 2014 12:00p.m., alarm, stopwatch and steps are all closed by default.
  • Recording sport time and calorie consumption value.
  • Recording walking steps, walking time, distance and calorie consumption value.
  • EL backlight
  • Memory function(recording steps within 6 days)
  • Working voltage 3.0V.

          B. Operational Manual

          • Boot default time mode when open watch.
          • In any mode, press A key, the EL light keep light for 3 seconds, it is off after 3 seconds.
          • Press B key to change mode, from mode to switch key sound (62.5ms/4KHz/50%) as following:

          How to switch mode of pedometer watch SKMEI 1322

          Time setting

          How to set time of pedometer watch SKMEI 1322

          • Under any setting,does not press the button to automatically exit the setting.
          • Year setting ranging from Yr2000 to 2099.

          Pedometer setting

          • Press D key in pedometer mode to turn on the [footprint flashing]/turn off [the footprint symbol is on but without blinking].
          • Turn on step under any mode, still count steps [footprint flashing].
          • After turning off pedometer function, footprint is just light under pedometer mode [not flashing], excepting other mode [not bright].
          • Press C key under pedometer mode to view the number of walking steps, time, walking distance and calorie burned as following:
            How to set pedometer of watch SKMEI 1322
          • In pedometer mode, long-press C key for 2 seconds, can clear all distance, time and calorie of pedometer data.
          • The user's personal parameters should be set when used for the first time, otherwise the data of walking distance and consumed calorie are inaccurate.
          • Press B key for 2 seconds to enter the settings in “SETUP’’ mode as pictures (the following flowchart is in metric display):
            How to set metric of pedometer watch SKMEI 1322

          Imperial unite system setting

          • Personal parameter setting range, weight : 20kg-200kg(70kg by default) or 40lb-440lb (154lb by default); height: 90cm-240cm(170cm by default) or 35 inch -95 inch (66inch by default); Step distance:20cm-150cm (60cm by default)or 7 inch -60 inch (23 inch by default)
          • Measurement of step length, you should calculate the average because each steps has a little bit of difference, then enter your average into the step length. For example, if you walk 10 steps, the total length of step is 6 meters and the average of step length is 60cm.
          • Step counter can calculate data of exceeding 10 steps automatically, and it does not show the number of steps you walk when you walk less than 10 steps.
          • In memory mode, you can view your walking in 6 days, and the day’s data will be cleared after 12PM every night.

          Stopwatch setting

          • Stopwatch running range:0 to 23’ 59’’59
          • In stopwatch mode, press D key to start stopwatch, press again D key can stop,if no section stop or the end of second stopwatch ,press C key to 00’00’’00.

          How to use stopwatch of SKMEI 1322

          How to set stopwatch of SKMEI 1322

          Alarm setting

          • In alarm clock mode, press B key for 2 seconds to enter setting of alarm clock as following pictures:
            How to set alarm of watch SKMEI 1322
          • Alarm sign “” when alarm is on, it shows under any mode, the alarm flag will not be displayed when the alarm is off.
          • When the alarm is on, the alarm arrives at the specified time and the sound of BIBI sounds for 20 seconds (frequency 4kHZ). Press any key to stop the alarm when the alarm is sounded.
          • The alarm will not sound when it is setting.

          Data storage

          • In data storage, press D key to enter memory of the day before yesterday, press again D key can check the data from 1 days to 6 days.
          • Press D key to view next day’s data under any mode of viewing steps/distance/calorie, and view daily date, the operation is as follows:

          How to view historical data of pedometer watch SKMEI 1322


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