SKMEI 1324 Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 1324 Watch Instruction

 SKMEI 1324 Bluetooth watch dial

(SKMEI 1324 Bluetooth watch dial)

A. Functions Introduction

Data Exchange with Bluetooth
1.Through the bluetooth 4.0 interface, personal sports records can be uploaded to the mobile APP with bluetooth 4.0;
2.Through the bluetooth 4.0 interface,user information can be synchronized.

          B. Functional Operating Instructions

          1、The watch is turned off by default, need to connect APP. Press A key and B key for 3 seconds, the watch will send out a “Beep+Beep” sound, indicating that it is switched on, at the same time the bluetooth is turned on.
          2、Turn on:Press A + B key for 3 seconds , the watch will sound a long " Beep" for 4 seconds ( automatically turn off bluetooth );
          Turn off: Press A + B key for 3 seconds, the watch will sound " Beep+Beep"
          (To determine the watch is turned off or turned on, press A key or B key, a "Beep" bang, it means the watch is turn on, no sound is turn off)
          3、Turn off the Bluetooth
          Press A Key for 3 seconds, make a long “Beep”for 1 second;
          4、Manually Open the Watch Bluetooth
          Press A key for 3 seconds, sounded a tone (Beep + Beep), 30 minutes without connecting the APP, the watch automatically turns off bluetooth, if you want to connect bluetooth, you need manually open the bluetooth watch.
          5、Take Photos
          Into the APP camera interface, by shaking the arm (watch worn on the arm) to take a photo.
          6、SOS Function
          Watch operation: Press the B button for 3 seconds, the watch will sound a tone “beep”,which mean SOS has been sent .
          7、Sleep Monitoring
          If you want to see your sleep quality, strap watch in the hand when sleeping. Meanwhile in the APP settings interface - personal settings, set the sleep start and end time, also synchronized to the device.
          8、Remind Sound
          1)Find the watch (Beep+Beep)
          2)Call (Beep+Beep+Beep+Beep+Beep)
          3)Message (Beep+Beep)
          4)Tencent QQ, WeChat, etc(Beep)
          5)Sound of SOS (Beep)
          9、Share Function: you can share your own exercise data;
          10、Multi-language support
          Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / English / French / Italian / Spanish / Russian / Japanese / Arabic / Korean / Portuguese / German 12 language

          C. Download APP

          Scan the corresponding QR code below, Android users and Apple users into the corresponding download address to download app and install
          After the installation is complete, allow the " Trust the application" as shown in figure 1, and then click the “Open”.

          How to download APP for SKMEI watch 1324

          Keyword Search
          (1) Foreign Android: Foreign / HongKong, Macao and Taiwan district
          Search UWatch in Google Play
          (2) Domestic Android: China mainland
          Search UWatch in Application of treasure
          (3)Apple: Search UWatch in App Store.

          D. App Instructions

          Take Smartisan M1L as an example. When you first enter the APP, please chick ”OK” to open the auxiliary function of the “UWatch reminder” service(Figure 2, Figure 3), if the phone does not open the GPS, Android 5.0 and above versions of the phone will be prompted: Need to open the location service to search for Bluetooth, click Settings to open Location service(Figure 4); Open the APP, click the "Settings" button , enter the "My Devices" interface, APP automatically search, move the watch close to the phone, and then click the product name, such as UWatch1, into the "watch connection"(Figure 5, Figure 6, Figure7)

          SKMEI 1324 APP User Manual



          App Setting

          SKMEI 1324 watch App Instructions

          Data review

          Click the number in the circle, you can view the detailed history.

          SKMEI 1324 watch app user manual

          Remoting phone camera

          Open the APP to enter the setup interface,and then click to take pictures,enter the camera interface, shake the arm to take pictures

           How to use Remote camera of SKMEI 1324

          Sharing function

          Click “sharing” icon to start sharing. Data can be shared to QQ, WeChat, Facebook and Twitter.

          How to use shareing function of SKMEI 1324 bluetooth watch


          Open the app to enter the " settings" interface, click " SOS", and then add the contact emails ( Max can be added to 3 emails ), as shown in the figure below, press and hold the B key for 3 seconds ( watch will sound " Beep" and mean instructions are sent to APP ), distress address will be sent in the form of mail to the contact emails, mobile phone which receive the email information can click the link inside to see accurate positioning, note: the location of SOS will be deviation a bit because of map and base station problems.

           How to use SOS function of SKMEI 1324 bluetooth watch

          When using SOS, Android users need to make sure that the following 3 points:
          1 ) Watch and APP are connected;
          2 ) Mobile phone positioning service ( GPS ) open;
          3 )UWatch notification permissions open;
          Open mode is as follows: ( different Android phone is slightly different, take OPPO R11 as an example )
          OPPO R11:

          open notification permission for SKMEI 1324

          open notification permission for SKMEI 1324

          Apple 6S IOS users in the use of SOS features, to ensure the following three points:

          1.Watch and APP connection.
          2.Phone positioning service (GPS) needs to be turned on.
          3.UWatch location service and notification management needs to be turned on.Open as follows: Take Apple 6Plus as an example

           How Apple 6S IOS users to use of SOS features

          How Apple 6S IOS users to use of SOS features

          Click UWatch application Just when the SOS message is issued within 10 seconds, the phone will appear prompt tone, and pop-up inform " SOS has been sent, " otherwise message failed to send"
          Note, Apple's 5s above the phone, if the same of Figure 4 kind of "Always "option, please go to the latest version (tentatively 11.2), select" Always ", If you use this APP and use SOS, the main page will flash a message saying "UWatch uses your location information" or you can disable this message by turning off SOS.

          How to use SOS



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