SKMEI 1355 Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 1355 Watch Instruction

 SKMEI 1355 dual time watch button

(SKMEI 1355 dual time watch button)

A. Functions Overview

  • 12 Digits LCD Display,Display Hour ,Minute ,Second ,Month ,Day and Week
  • Daily Alarm and Chime hourly
  • Snooze
  • 12 / 24H format selectable
  • 1/100 second Chronograph with split functions
  • EL backlight

            B. Operational Manual

            How to change mode of dual time watch SKMEI 1355

            1. At any state ,press A key EL backlight for 3s .

            2. Chronograph

            • Press D key to Start/Stop running ;
            • When stop ,press C key to zero .
            • When running ,press C key to split count. indicator "SP" showing
            • Then press D key to exit split count ,and stop counting ; press C key again to zero ;
            • When running ,press B key to return to Real Time Mode ,and it running at back .

            3. Daily Alarm

            • Turn On / Off Alarm and Chime. Press D key to turn on/off Alarm (signal icon) or Chime (alarm icon )
            • Alarm setting : Press C key to select "Hour " or "Minute "setting, Press D key to adjust the flashing item, Press C key to confirm, Press B key to return to Real Time mode.
            • Alarm Snooze ON/OFF
            • At Alarm sounding state ,press C key or D key to stop sounding ,and press B key to ON/OFF snooze function .When Snooze function be ON ,it will sound five minutes later ,and auto stop after sounding for 20 Second.

            4. Time Setting

            • "Second " flashing when loading ,press D key to zero ; Press C key to select item as following sequence : Hour → Minute →  Month → Day → Day of Week  → Second
            • When setting "Hour " ,"H" display for 24H format ;"A" or "P" for 12H format .
            • Press D key while the seconds are in the range of 30 to 59 resets them to 00 and adds 1 to the minutes . In the range of 00 to 29,the minutes are unchanged.


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