SKMEI 1405 Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 1405 Watch Instruction

 SKMEI 1405 solar watch button

(SKMEI 1405 solar watch button)

A. Features

  • 10 Digits LCD Display, Display Hour,Minute,Second,Date and week.
  • Daily Alarm and Chime hourly
  • 12 / 24H format selectable
  • 1/100 second Chronograph with split functions
  • EL backlight
  • Without sun or light, the watch power come from the battery.
  • In the sun or light source, the solar panel can accept solar / light power, and supply it to the watch for work, no need battery power.

          B. Operational Manual

          How to change mode of solar watch SKMEI 1405


          1. Real Time

          • Press D key to convert 12/24 time, the screen shows "24H" when it is the 24 hour mode.

          2. Daily Alarm

          • Turn On / Off Alarm and Chime: In Alarm mode ("Hour" and "Minute" do not flashing), press D key to turn on/off the Alarm:(bell icon) and Chime: (sign icon) in turn.
          • The Alarm opening sign (bell icon) and the Chime opening sign (sign icon) are displayed in all function modes.
          • Whatever function mode is currently displayed, the Alarm will ring for 20 seconds when it reaches the preset time and the Alarm sign (bell icon) will flash during the Alarm.
          • After turning on the Chime, sound ( BI BI )will be issued at every Chime hour.
          • Alarm setting: Press C key to select "Hour " or "Minute "setting, Press D key to adjust the flashing item, Press C key to confirm, Press B key to return to Real Time mode.

          3. Chronograph

          • The display range of the Chronograph is 59 minutes, 59.99 seconds.
          • If the Chronograph is not stopped, even if the Chronograph function is exited, the test time will continue.
          • If the Chronograph function is withdrawn, the halfway time will be cleared and the picture will return to the time-lapse measurement screen when the halfway time is displayed in the screen.
          • Press D key to Start/Stop running.
          • When stop, press C key to zero.
          • When running, press C key to split count.
          • When press D key to exit split count.
          • Press C key to Chronograph, that is to record the completion time of the first player.
          • Then press D key to complete the measurement, record the completion time of the second players and finally press C key to clear the record.

          4. Time Setting

          • “Second " flashing when loading, press D key to zero; Press C key to select item as following sequence: Minute, Month, Day, Week.
          • When running, press B key to return to Real Time Mode.


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