SKMEI 1438 Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 1438 Watch Instruction

1. Download and install APP

Please search for "Hey band " to download the app from
"Android App Store" and "Apple APP Store" or scan the QR code below.

APP is compatible with Android 4.4 + , Bluetooth 4.0, iOS8.0 or
higher system

How to download APP of SKMEI 1438 bluetooth watch

          2. Appearance description

           SKMEI 1438 bluetooth watch appearance

          3. Assembly and wear

          A.Take out the bracelet and adjust the size of wristband to fit the wrist
          B.The sensor should be close the skin and avoid moving to monitor the heart rate accurately
          C.Raise your hand or rotate your wrist to brighten the screen

          How to brighten the screen of SKMEI 1438 bluetooth watch

          4. Connection and binding

          After downloading and registering,open the Bluetooth function and enter the device management interface in APP.
          Click “Bind Management” and “Bind New Device”, searching around the bracelet and connecting.

          How to bind new device for SKMEI 1438 bluetooth watch

          5. Operation

          A.When using the bracelet for first time,long press any key to power on
          B. Click the button to switch the main interface
          C.In the heart rate, blood pressure, photo interface, long press any key to launch related functions

          How to operate SKMEI 1438 bluetooth watch

          6. Function and display

          • Sports Record: Step, exercise time, exercise mileage, calorie consumption, sleep monitoring, save 30 days exercise/sleep data
          • Health monitoring: real-time heart rate measurement (dynamic, static), blood pressure measurement (can set timing blood pressure measurement), blood oxygen measurement, fatigue monitoring
          • Smart reminder: setting alarm reminder,water drink reminder , sedentary reminder,
          • call reminder, information push :(SMS/QQ/WeChat/Skype/
          • Facebook/Twitter/Line/WhatsApp , etc.), lost reminder
          • Other functions: Wrist-up light the screen, one button physical examination, time display, remote photography, do not disturb mode settings, WeChat sports, user-define home page style, user-define background image, press any button to hang up the call

          After lighting the screen, press any button to switch the menu, switch to heart rate, blood pressure, photo, interface, keep pressing any button to open the corresponding function, steps, calories, mileage (unit KM, long press a button on this interface to enter the gravity control small Game), bracelet will be recorded automatically for sleep model function, no need for extra operation . There are three styles of the home page, which can be adjusted in the device management of the APP.

          How to switch menu of SKMEI 1438 bluetooth watch

          7. Charging

          a. Hold the charging clip in the direction shown in the figure below;
          b. Make sure the charging clip thimble fully contact with the contacts on the bracelet.

          How to charge bluetooth watch SKMEI 1438


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