SKMEI 1510 Bluetooth Quartz Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 1510 Watch Instruction

 SKMEI 1510 Bluetooth Quartz watch button

(SKMEI 1510 Bluetooth Quartz watch button)

Function instruction

  1. 24 hour accurate 3D step counting / calorie consumption / distance detection (data can be uploaded to the mobile phone after connecting with it)
  2. Alarm function: alarm function is supported (after connecting with your mobile phone, it can be set according to the alarm setting in the APP)
  3. Sports data storage function (the watch can store sports data within 15 days)
  4. Watch time Intelligent calibration, synchronous alarm settings, avoid complicate manual operation
  5. Reminder of your phone call, SMS, QQ, Wechat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype
  6. In order to save watch battery power, watch pointers will stop moving when it is turned off. When you turn it on again, you need to reset the time and step completion percentage
  7. Remote control of mobile phone camera
  8. Support 12 languages: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Italian, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese,Korean

          Button function description

          1. When the watch is turned off, long press the button to turn it on, and the motor will vibrates rapidly for 3 times;
          2. When the watch is turned on, long press the button to turn it off, and the motor vibrates once for a long time;
          3. If the watch is not connected to app within 20 minutes after it is turned on, Bluetooth will be turned off automatically, by pressing the button once,motor will vibrates once for a short time;
          4. After connecting the app, enter the remote photographing function,press the button once shortly to remote your phone camera;
          5. When the watch is successfully connected with app, press the button once shortly, and the motor vibrates twice; when the connection fails,the motor vibrate once;
          6. In the state of successful connection with app, the motor vibrates 3 times when there comes an message reminder.

          Remarks:Due to special structure feature,it is better to adjust the key via the slim tools such as small screwdriver.

          Download and installation of Sports+ app

          1.Scan QR code
          (1)Android mobile phone (foreign users) scan the figure 6 below to download and install the app
          (2) Android mobile phone (domestic users) scan the figure 7 below to download and install the app
          (3) Apple mobile phone scans the figure 5 below to download and install the app
          How to download App of bluetooth watch SKMEI 1510
          2.Keywords search
          (1)Overseas Android: Abroad /Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan search for sports+ on Google play
          (2) Chinese mainland Android: Chinese mainland users searches Sportsplus on Application of Treasure
          Apple mobile phone: search for sports + by guanghui in the App Store (note that there is a space before and after ‘by’)

          3. Android mobile app installation instructions:
          Click "Install" → open "background run" and "trust the application" → open permissions (select "allow" for all)
          How to install android app of bluetooth watch SKMEI 1510
          Intelligent proofreading time and percentage of exercise completion
          After the watch is connected to the app, click the settings interface: Settings  → Smart calibration ,adjust the left and right buttons to make the little pointer align with the 0% scale → Click Next → Click the button on the screen to align the hour hand and minute hand at the position of 12 o'clock, and click next. In this way, the time of the watch will be automatically calibrated to the time on the connected mobile phone, The percentage of motion is also calibrated to the percentage of the current motion completed.

          How to install android app of bluetooth watch SKMEI 1510
          How to install android app of bluetooth watch SKMEI 1510

          Bluetooth connection and binding smart watch

          1.Open mobile’s Bluetooth and watch’s Bluetooth first.
          2.Click the upper left corner icon ,and click‘Device management ’
          3.Click the ‘Bind new device ’ to search the ‘X watchs’ in surrounding to bind
          4.Click‘XWatch S’to connect

          How to connect SKMEI 1510 to bluetooh of smart phone

          How to bind bluetooth watch SKMEI 1510 with smart phone

          *Android mobile phone operating system must be android 4.3 or above, Android mobile phone's Bluetooth must be 4.0 or above; Apple mobile phone must be IPHONE4S or above.

          Sharing function
          Click “sharing” icon to start sharing. Data can be shared to QQ, Wechat, Facebook and Twitter.

          How to share using bluetooth watch SKMEI 1510

          Application instructions for data synchronization after Bluetooth connection
          Press the main interface and slid down to refresh the new data,include:Exercise steps ,Movement distance, Calories burned,as following picture shows:

          How to refresh data of bluetooth watch SKMEI 1510

          Alarm function setting

          How to set alarm of bluetooth watch SKMEI 1510

          How to set alarm of bluetooth watch SKMEI 1510

          Same as above method to set the other Alarm

          Reminder setting :

          How to set reminder of bluetooth watch SKMEI 1510

          1.After the alarm is set in the mobile APP, the watch will vibrate to remind you when the scheduled time reach.
          2.After all permissions and the reminder functions of incoming calls, SMS, QQ, WECHAT, TWITTER, SKYPE, FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP are turned on in the mobile APP. The watch will vibrate to remind you when you receive information from these apps.

          Remoting phone camera
          After the phone is connected to the watch, open the APP to enter the setup interface, click the icon of camera , press the button of watch and then you can remote phone camera.As following picture shows:

          Use SKMEI 1510 bluetooth watch as remoting camera

          1.Android users need to make sure that the following point:
          Some Android phones do not support background connection to Bluetooth data and notifications.( different Android phone is slightly different, take HuaWei Honor 9X as an example ) find "Notifications" in the "Settings" of the phone, and set all applications such as "QQ", "WECHAT", "Sports+" to "" permission ", find "QQ", "WECHAT", "sports+" in "Protected Applications" and open them all. Then find "QQ", "WECHAT", "sports+" and other related applications in the "Apps" drop-down list of "Permission Management", and finally open all the permissions in the "Permissions" drop-down list.As following picture shows:


          2.You have to take two steps to remove the IOS phone and watch binding:
          (1)Remove the binding between Bluetooth of “XWatch S”and IOS phone
          (2)Go to IOS phone's settings--Bluetooth to remove binding (take IPhone X as an example) as following picture shows :



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