SKMEI 1512 Bluetooth Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 1512 Watch Instruction

 SKMEI 1512 Smart watch Interface Instruction

(SKMEI 1512 Bluetooth watch button)

  • S1: Up, Camera, Pause/Play, Start, Previous
  • S2: Selection, Setting, Reset, Next
  • S3: Mode Conversion, Confirming, Save, VOL-
  • S4: EL back light, Bluetooth switch, VOL+
  • APP name: Sports+
  • Bluetooth name:XWatch Pro

A. Function instruction

  1. 6-digit timer function, the normal time mode display Week, Hours, Minutes, Seconds (Synchronize automatically with your phone when connected with the phone)
  2. 12/24 hour Format setting selection (Synchronize automatically with your phone when connected with the phone)
  3. 24 hours precise 3D pedometer / calorie consumption / distance detection (the data can be uploaded to the phone when connected with the phone)
  4. Heart rate static/dynamic test/heart monitoring
  5. Sleep monitoring
  6. Compass function
  7. Alarm function (The alarm time can be set by the APP when connected with phone)
  8. Stopwatch function: Maximum stopwatch timing 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds, can be split.
  9. EL back light, press Key S4 one time the light will last 2 seconds.
  10. The Bluetooth function can be turned on and off (different application mode to save power)
  11. When connecting with APP of phone or Tablet PC, it can upload sport data and backup to the cloud server
  12. Music control
  13. Synchronize the time, date and alarm setting smartly in your phone, instead of the cumbersome manual operations.
  14. Reminding of Calls, SMS, QQ, WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype.
  15. Remote camera
  16. The watch support 12 languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Italian, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, Japanese

          B. Operational Manual

          ON/OFF Mode

          In any mode, press the S1 and S3 for three seconds to enter into Shutdown Model.

          How to shutdown smart watch SKMEI 1512

          In Shutdown Mode, press the S1 and S3 for three seconds to enter into boot mode. 

          How to boot smart watch SKMEI 1512

          Switch Mode

          How to switch mode of smartwatch SKMEI 1512

          Bluetooth ON/OFF Mode 

          How to turn on/off Bluetooth of smartwatch SKMEI 1512

          Time and 12HR/24HR Setting 

           Time and 12HR/24HR Setting(when Bluetooth OFF) 

          How to switch 12hr/24hr modes of SKMEI 1512


          1. In any setting mode of time and 12/24H, press Key S3 to save the current setting and return to Normal Time Display (Bluetooth OFF)
          2. In any setting mode, it will return to the Normal Time Display automatically if without any operation more than 10s.

          Date Setting Mode  

          How to set date of smartwatch SKMEI 1512

          Compass Mode 

          How to turn on compass of smarwatch SKMEI 1512

          Description of NNE 20°:20°means that the angle between the arrow and the 12 o'clock. NNE means that the 12 o'clock is north-northeast of the arrow. Because the compass has only 24 points, the direction indicated will be slightly declination.

          Instruction of Calibration Compass Functional:

          1. 1.Simulation calibration: In the compass mode, press and hold the S2 button for 3 seconds to enter the calibration mode. The screen will flash “CAL” and press the S1 button to start calibration. The 24 points on the outer periphery of the surface will light up in turn, meanwhile, turn the watch on the table and turn it round 2-3 times. After the calibration is completed, the word “OK” will be displayed, indicating that the simulation calibration is successful. If the ERR word is displayed, the calibration will fail and need to be recalibrated. After the simulation calibration is completed, press the S1 to return to the compass mode.
          2. 2.Digital calibration: In the compass mode, press and hold the S2 button for 3 seconds to enter the calibration mode. The screen will flash “CAL”, press the S2 button to switch to the digital calibration, and the screen will flash “DEC”and press S1 to adjust the angle and press the S3 key to save. This angle is the magnetic declination of the local city. The magnetic declination of each city is fixed. If the magnetic declination of the local city cannot be searched on the Internet, please enter the magnetic declination of the provincial capital.

          Heart Rate Detection

          How to check heart rate with smartwatch SKMEI 1512


          1. Heart rate tests data on white, black, hairy hands will be deviation;
          2. The watch must be firmly worn on the wrist during the test.

          Music Control Mode

          In the Bluetooth connection Model

          How to play music with smartwatch SKMEI 1512

          In the Bluetooth connection mode, press S3 for 3s to music control mode. When you playing the music on the phone,press S4:VOL+, press S3:VOL-, press S1: Previous, press S2: Next, long press S1: Stop, then long press S1: Play; If you want to view the steps/Calories etc., must to quit the music control mode by press the S3 for 3s.

          Stopwatch Setting Mode

          How to set stopwatch of smartwatch SKMEI 1512


          1. Maximum stopwatch timing 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds,the first 23 minutes and 59.99 seconds are accurate to the milliseconds, then to the seconds.
          2. If the record runs up to the maximum, the stopwatch will start recording from zero again.
          3. If the stopwatch is running and hasn’t been reset, while switch to other function mode, the stopwatch will run continually in backstage.

          Alarm Setting Mode

          How to set alarm  of smartwatch SKMEI 1512


          How to download the APP and install in the phone

          Scanning QR code to download and install the APP

          1. Foreign Android (Foreign/China HongKong, Macao and Taiwan regions users): Scan the QR code below P2;
          2. Domestic Android: Scan the QR code below P3;
          3. Apple IOS: Scan the QR code below P1.

          Searching keywords to download and install the APP

          1. Foreign Android (Foreign/China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions users): Search the keyword "Sports+" On the Google PLAY
          2. Domestic Android: Search the keyword "Sportplus" on Application of treasure to download
          3. Apple IOS: Search the keyword "Sports+ by Guanghui" on the APP store (NOTE : there is a space before and after "by")

          How to download APP of smartwatch SKMEI 1512

          Android APP Install:
          Click "install" →open "Run in background" and "Trust this app" →open permissions(All select "Allow")

          How to install APP of smartwatch SKMEI 1512

          Mobile APP Operation

          For new users, click the avatar to set the personal information: Avatar, Name, Gender, Birth date, Height, Weight.

           How to use app of smartwatch SKMEI 1512

          Bluetooth Connection And Binding

          Turn on the Bluetooth of both watch and mobile phone, before using the APP to connect them. Open the APP and click the menu on the upper left corner to enter the setting interface, selecting "Device management" → "Searching to bind to new device", searching around the XWatch Pro to connect→Matching XWatch Pro

          How to bind smartwatch with mobile phone

          Android phone operating system must be or above Android 4.3, Android phone's Bluetooth must be or above 4.0 version; Apple phone must be or above IPHONE 4S.

          Data sharing after Bluetooth Connectivity

           Clicking "sharing" icon, you can share the data to QQ, WeChat, Facebook, and Twitter.

          How to share data with smartwatch SKMEI 1512

          Data synchronization After Bluetooth connect

          1. Time synchronization: Time will be synchronized after the watch is connected with mobile phone;
          2. Click on the main interface and slip down screen to refresh the sports data: Sports Steps, Mileage, Calorie Consumed.

          How to synchronize data with Bluetooth connect

          Alarm setting:

          How to set reminder with smartwatch SKMEI 1512

          Reminding setting:

          1. Call Reminding: Turn on the Bluetooth of watch in Normal time display mode
          2. Messages Reminding setting : Turn on all the reminding function on APP such as SMS , QQ , WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype

          Normal time display (Bluetooth on):

          How to set reminder with smartwatch SKMEI 1512


          1. The watch will vibrate to remind after setting alarm time on App.
          2. The watch will vibrate to remind after turning on all permissions and the reminding functions for call, SMS, QQ, WeChat, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, SKYPE.

           Phone Camera Remotely-control

          With watch connected with phone, click the camera icon on the main interface, then press the S1 key to remotely control the phone to shoot.

          Normal time display (Bluetooth on)

          How to use smartphone as remote camera

          There are two steps to unbind Xwatch Pro with IOS phone:

          1. Remove the binding between IOS phone and Xwatch Pro in the Sports+ ;
          2. Disconnect the IOS phone's Bluetooth with Xwatch Pro.

          Take IPHONE6 for example, steps as follows: firstly unbind the Xwatch Pro on the App(i.e. exit the App), then find the Xwatch Pro from the Bluetooth in the phone "setting" function, then click the "i" to unpair it.

          How to unbind smartwatch with iphone


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