SKMEI 1525 Bluetooth Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 1525 Watch Instruction

 SKMEI 1525 bluetooth screen

(SKMEI 1525 Bluetooth watch button)


  1. In the main interface,short press the S1 can change the main interface;
  2. In the other interface,short press the S1 can return to the main interface;
  3. In power off status,press the S1 for 3 seconds,the watch will be power on;in the power on status press S1 for 3 seconds,the watch will be power off


  1. Short touch S1 can view the each interface ;(S2 : the area under the display)
  1. View the each interface you can enter this interface by touch the S2 for 3 seconds

A. Function instruction

  1. TFT display,after connect to the APP,watch time syncs with your phone, the watch can display:steps, calories, heart rate, etc
  2. 24h step precision meter/calories consume/distance detection
  3. Alarm function:can set the alarm time in the APP
  4. Stopwatch function
  5. Heart rate/blood pressure detection
  6. Sleep detection
  7. Find the phone and find the watch function
  8. Multi-motion detection
  9. Smart sync the phone's time,data and alarm time ,Avoid tedious manual operation
  10. Incoming call, messageQQwatchTwitterFacebookwhatsAppViberSkypeline etc caution
  11. Remote camera
  12. APP Support 12 languages:Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Italian, French, GermanRussianSpanishPortugueseMalaysian, KoreanJapanese
  13. The watch Support 12 languages:Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese, English, Italian, French,  GermanRussianSpanishPortugueseMalaysian,PolishJapanese.

          Multi-motion Interface

          How to switch mode of bluetooth watch SKMEI 1525

          Conversion of mode

           SKMEI 1525 bluetooth watch manual

          Heart Rate Detection

          How to detect heart rate with bluetooth watch SKMEI 1525

          Blood pressure detection

          (This data is for reference only)

          How to detect blood pressure with bluetooth watch SKMEI 1525

          Find the phone

          How to find phone with bluetooth watch SKMEI 1525


          How to use stopwatch of bluetooth watch SKMEI 1512

          C. APP download and install

          1. Scan QR code to download and install the APP
            1. Foreign android:Foreign/HongKong, Macao and Taiwan regions China ,scan the QR code below figure 6
            2. Domestic android: Scan the QR code below figure 7
            3. Apple IOS: scan QR code below figure 5 ;
          2. Keyword search to download and install the APP
            1. Foreign android:Foreign/HongKong, Macao and Taiwan regions China users search the keyword "YXDWatch" in the Google Play
            2. Domestic android: search the keyword "YXDWatch" " in the Myapp
            3. Apple IOS:Search the keyword "YXDWatch" " in the App store

          How to download app of smartwatch SKMEI 1512

          Create account and login

          After installed ,must create account to login, if you already have an account, just click login and input the account to login

          How to login account of Smartwatch SKMEI 1525

          Connect to the APP

          How to connect SKMEI 1525 with app

           Data refresh 


          Sliding down or switch to another interface and go back this interface,can view the real time data;

          Click Sport,Sleep,HR,BP,can view the detail data

          1. In User Setting,must set the personal information and target;sleep monitoring time is 22:00--8:00
          2. Shake Snapshot:click Shake Snapshot,then shake the arm for a remote camera;
          3. Find device:click Find device,the connected watch will vibrates


          After the APP is installed,the first times you use it, click measurement you will be prompted to enter a precise value of your blood pressure to calibrate,if you don't know the value of your blood pressure,Choose the high or normal or low by your own circumstances

          Normal measurement mode

          Device management interface

          Device Remind:you can set the time of remind,when the time reached ,the watch will vibrat and display prompt

          Application instructions for data synchronization after Bluetooth connection

          1. Time synchronization :when watch and phone is connected by the APP,the time on your watch will syncs with the phone
          2. Press the main interface and slid down to refresh the new data,include:Sport,Sleep,HR,BP,Health index

          Alarm function setting

          Remove binding

          1. Remove android phone and watch binding
          2. You have to take two steps to remove the IOS phone and watch binding:
            1. Same as above method;
            2. Go to ISO phone's settings--Bluetooth to remove binding:as following picture shows


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