SKMEI 1588 LED Watch Manual

◆SKMEI 1588 Watch Instruction

Display and Button Functions

 SKMEI 1588 LED watch button

(SKMEI 1588 LED watch button)

Functions instructions:

  1. 4-digits white LED display, normal time display: Hour,minute.
  2. One touch key operation.
  3. Three modes display: normal time display(hour/minute), date display(month/day) and second display.
  4. 24 hours format.
  5. Long press 1 second to wake up white LED to flash for 7 seconds.
  6. Animation full display and reset full display test functions.

Mode Conversion

Operation icon:

How to convert mode of LED watch SKMEI 1588

LED Light

In the non-luminous state of the white LED, press and hold the S key for 1 second to wake up the white LED to flash for 7 seconds.

Full Display

When waking up or entering dormancy, there is animation full display function; when reset, it has a full display function.

Normal Time Date Setting Mode

Settings icon: 

How to set date on LED watch SKMEI 1588

During the setting process, without any key operation for 7 seconds, it will automatically save and return to normal time display.


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