SKMEI 1834 SynchroWatch Manual

◆SKMEI 1834 Watch Instruction

SKMEI 1834 Operation Manual

(SKMEI 1834 SynchroWatch Button)

A. Features

  • LCD Display, Display Hour, Minute, Second, Month, Day and Week
  • Daily Alarm and Chime hourly
  • 12 / 24H format select-able, fully automatic calendar
  • Time of 31 cities (29 time zones);Summer time
  • 60 minutes countdown
  • Stopwatch(maximum time 59.99.99)
  • Dual time
  • 2000-2039 Years,automatic week
  • Synchronous movement
  • EL backlight

B. Operational Manual

How to change function mode of SynchroWatch SKMEI 1834

1.Real Time Mode

  • Press D key to switch: week → date
  • Press C key until "seconds" flash to enter the Setting Mode,press B to select the items to be set (flash) as follows:
    "Seconds" → "Summer time (off/on)" → "time zone" → "time" → "minute" → "12/24h" → "year" → "month" → "day" → "EL time"
    In the set item,Press D key/A key to adjust,and hold D key/A key to adjust quickly
  • While the seconds are in the range of 30 to 59 resets them to 00 and adds 1 to the minutes .
    In the range of 00 to 29,the minutes are unchanged.
  • Press C key to return to the real time mode, and the pointer will auto-syn with the time.

2.World time Mode

  • Press D key to select time zone. Hold D key to select time zone quickly.
  • Press C key for 2 seconds to select off/on summer time, and "DST" will be displayed when on, and no "DST" display will be displayed when it is off.(Summer time cannot be set when GMT is displayed)

3.Countdown Mode

  • Maximum countdown range: 60 minutes, default countdown is 5 minutes.
  • Press D key to start / pause the countdown.When countdown is in progress, press D key to pause the countdown, and press C key to return to the original setting value when countdown stops.
  • In the countdown mode, Hold C key for 2 seconds to enter the countdown setting mode.
    Press B to select the setting item.
    Press D key/A key to adjust, and hold D key/A key to adjust quickly.
    "" Indicates that the initial value will be returned automatically after the countdown
    " "Indicates automatic cycle of countdown.
    ""(off / on) tone
  • When the countdown tone is turned on, the countdown is less than 30 seconds with a "drop" sound, and the last 10 seconds with a "drop" sound per second. This function is not available when it is turned off.
  • Press C key to exit the countdown setting mode.

4.Stopwatch Mode

  • Single record: Press D key to start timing, press D key again to stop the stopwatch, and press C key to clear the stopwatch when it stops.
  • Multiple records:Press D key to start timing, then Press C key to control stopwatch and timing. Press D key to stop when the timing continues, and finally Press C key to clear the stopwatch.

5.Alarm Mode

  • Press C key to turn on/off the alarm (ALM Display means alarm ON)
  • Press D key switches Hourly Chime (“SIG” Diplay), "AL1-AL4" (four groups of alarm rings), Snooze (“SNZ “ display):
    SKMEI 1834 SynchroWatch Manual
  • Hold C key for 2 seconds then Hour will flash , enter to alarm setting mode
  • press B key to switch "hour-minute" in sequence.
  • Press D / A key to adjust the data, hold D / A key to adjust quickly
  • Press C key to exit the alarm setting mode.
  • In AL1-AL4, the alarm clock can ring for 20 seconds when it reaches alarm time, it can be interrupted by pressing any key halfway.
  • When we turn on Snooze Funtion(“SNZ” display), it will ring for 20 seconds, and then it will ring once every 5 minutes (20 seconds) until it rings seven times.if no data then means OF the Snooze function.
  • When you turn on Hourly Chime(“SIG” display),it will ring once the time reaches, if no data then means OF the Hourly chime function.

6.Pointer adjustment Mode

  • Hold C key until the full screen flashes.
  • press D key to adjust the pointer quickly (to make the needle movement pointer time consistent with the LCD display time).
  • In the pointer setting mode, press C key to exit the setting mode.


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